Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

24.3.1654, 25.3.1654, 27.3.1654, 30.3.1654 (Friday 24 March 1654)

document 70007840

24: rode towards London. 25. with my Cousin Benton , heard my uncle Si. Josselin was dying and he died. 26. preached at Cranham, there were but 5. men householders in the town that were in my time, 27. rode to London: 30 returned home, my heart was in a very vile frame most part of this journey the lord pit and pardon me,

Lands as formerly. and money as formerly: viz. 440li.
improvement of Mrs Maries lands: 4li.9s. now in the whole 93li. 14s.
I have paid off all my debts viz 32li. and some odd debts more, and through mercy I do not owe any person any sum of money.
my stock is worth much about what formerly: and I have in money more. viz with Mr Elliston 20:0.0
Lent to Robt. Potter . 10li. to Wm Webb . 5li. to Harrington of White Colne 2li.10s 17.10.0
so that my estate is advanced this year about 69li. one way and other, which is much in these broken days

for which I desire to bless and praise, the lord. but oh let not this be my portion, but give me thy holy, holy spirit I humbly entreat thee.