Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

30.3.1655 (Friday 30 March 1655)

document 70008515

30: a very cold time, dry, wind in the East, healthful for our bodies(,) my illness a little continued, but very much abated so that I know not how sufficiently to bless god, and my mind was also very peaceable to godward which is a doubling of mercies on me.

I again review my estate. Lands as formerly, and the same personal estate good that was last. there is added this year. [Mrs Maries land 98li.8s. 0d.]

W: Webb :- 5li.
Mr Elliston 16:10. my stock which I last year valued at. 30.
Mr W: Harl 25.0. I count worth about 20li: and I am in debt to 2
Edw: Brown 20.0. persons. 5li. which abated there remains cleared 96li.10s.
Major Hayns 30.0.
in cash: 15.0.
thus though I am unprofitable god is mindful of me 111.10.

my heart is to love and serve him. Mr Sams business was also moved to me, I wait on the lord to do his pleasure therein desirous rather to honour him, than to gain money, and with my hearty praises of god, I desire to be made more serviceable to him in my generation, being persuaded he intends me good in the year that is now entering -