Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

28.3.1656 (Friday 28 March 1656)

document 70009170

March. 28: Set apart for a fast, by a very solemn call in a declaration in my judgement(,) and for my part I endeavoured to spend the time about 5 hours profitably from Jerem: 29.7. god forgive my ignorant acting in the troubles against the King, and his family, even what I did though the lord is my witness my desire was his good, and not his destruction, there are some that know the puritans haunts that will take a course with them, unless they walk wisely and circumspectly, and look to it London that you hasten not your fall by standing too much on your privileges.

[View of estate] when I come to view my estate this year I find my receipts less by 10li. than last year, and my expenses about 5li. more, and yet god increases my lot, about 70li. this year, I have paid my debts, my stock is not worth above 10li(.) I count I am now out upon Mrs Maries land 103li.6s.0d. her mother yet living(,) and its not I that will repine at it, god be my portion, and days to her(.) I find my personal estate to amount to 670li. this god has given me, and when he pleases he may call for it again, and in the mean time, it is my duty not to set my heart on it, but look upon it, as that which is not, sometimes I have thought god lays this by me, when outward springs will dry, my joy is a god reconciled, christ having paid my debts, and in outward things to find that I am thus under his blessing, that its no unrighteous dealing of mine, but his grace has given me what I have, and spares my wife, and four children to me