Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

20.8.1656 (Wednesday 20 August 1656)

document 70009560

20: This day was appointed a day for the choice of Parliament men in all Counties of England, I set it apart by prayer and meditation to seek god. Job. 22. latter part much moved me in perusing it in the field. lord my desires are christs time for his kingdom might be hastened, you would lengthen out our peace in holiness and gospel ordinances: this day might have a mercy, and not a curse in it for poor England, god would make me serviceable to his name in souls, show me his way in this day in this government and apostasy. and every way bless my family. in thy christs name I call, oh hear me for thy mercy sake.

The Secretaries did not very much appear at chelmsford, not a Quaker in the field noted to be so, one Loddington , was in the head of that party, which hindered the choice, that it could not be effected that night, but was adjourned to the next day: between 3 and 4. a remarkable cross seen in the sky, vide in my historical notes. our choice was.

Sr Harbotle Grimston . Mr Wakering Mr H. Mildmay
Sr Thomas Honywood Mr Gob: Barrington Mr Carey Mildmay
Sr Rich: Evered Mr Ol: Raymond Mr Archer
Sr Tho: Bowes Mr Templer Maj: Haines
Mr Turner

The Independents plotted much in the choice but missed two men of their company, the choice to view, is not very good nor very bad, a strange mixture of spirits, lord I cannot trust them with our gospel concernments but I will thee, and I trust you will look after them, and not suffer the nation to be wrapped up by these men into any evil whatsoever.