Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

31.1.1659 (Monday 31 January 1659)

document 70011545

31: Mr Butcher came from Hinningham with an offer of that place to me, Mr Harlakenden of the Priory entertained it very heavily, and when I told him I would not leave it for means, he offered me a 100li. to spend in 5 years as a further addition, but Feb: 1: he came up and left against my will 50li. with my wife , as mine if he or I died but if we lived as an engagement for 2 years and half until Sept: 29. 61. and then if he did not purchase 20li. yearly and add to my means if living he would raise and pay out of his estate 20li. yearly. - an act of love not easily matched evidencing his zeal to god and love to my ministry, oh lord might but Colne profit my ministry, I should exceedingly rejoice. we met this day, but nobody did mention anything to me, I shall patiently observe what Colne will say to me.