Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr77)

26.5.1624 (Wednesday 26 May 1624)

document 38101099

it is shown also by the said homage that Sam Game customary tenant of this manor out of court viz 6.3.1624 surrendered into the hands of the lord of the said manor by the hands of Robt Parker instead of the bailiff in the presence of Dan Lea and Edw Browne two customary tenants of the said manor according to the custom of the same manor one messuage or tenement and divers parcels of land of meadow pasture and woodland containing altogether by estimation about 18a now or late in the tenure or occupation of the said Sam Game and Thos Brewer or their assign or assigns called Bettings Land sometime of Nich Game as by copy of a roll of a court of the said manor bearing the date 12.6.1590 clearly shown to the use and behoof of Edw Bridgwood gentleman and Robt Smyth their heirs and assigns forever provided always that if the aforesaid Sam Game his heirs executors administrators or assigns should pay or cause to be paid to the aforesaid Edw Bridgwood and Robt Smyth their heirs or assigns annually and each year for ten years from the feast of the annunciation next following after the date of the above writing the sum of 10li in or upon the feasts of michaelmas and the annunciation or within fourteen days after each of the feast days by equal portions in or at the now dwelling house of the aforesaid Edw Bridgwood situated in Kelvedon and all outlays costs expenses sum or sums of money which will be spent and paid or may be spent and paid at any time in the future by certain means or occasions or by a fine heriot amercement or any of them or by any ways or means whatsoever that then this surrender should be void provided also that the said Sam Game receive or should receive advancement of the surrender of the premises given to himself his heirs or his assigns they should reduce the payment of the said sums or any of them provided also that henceforth if the parties of the surrender make any new agreement before the next court to be held for the said manor to release this surrender then also this surrender to be void otherwise it is to stand in full force etc and upon this also at this court the first proclamation is publicly and openly made that if the aforesaid Edw Bridgwood and Robt Smyth or either of them would come to take the premises according to the tenor of the said surrender and to agree with the lord for the fine that justice should be administered to them on this account but no one came in this way