Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr77)

14.10.1624 (Thursday 14 October 1624)

document 38101790

whereas at a court held for the said manor 26.5.last past it was shown by the homage of that court that Barth Church gentleman was lately seised for himself and his heirs in remainder when it should happen by and after the death of Rose Church widow mother of the aforesaid Barth of and in 10a of customary land of this manor with appurtenances a parcel of Lowfield as divided by a hedge and ditch and 6a of land parcel of the said lands called Lowfields which same said 6a of land lie to the south of the said 10a of land and he himself being thus seised thereof in the month of .4.1623 committed a crime by murdering a man and for such an offence he was attainted by being outlawed at the suit of our lord the now king by reason of this said crime and attainder the said remainder to the said 10a of land among others was forfeited to the lord of the said manor as by a roll here cited above clearly shown by the precept concerning the same said premises Rich Harlakenden esq lord of the said manor was thereof legitimately seised now at this court by his special grace he granted out of his hands the said remainder to the said 10a of land with appurtenances to Jn Church gentleman natural brother of the aforesaid Barth and his heirs provided always and upon the following condition viz that he himself the aforesaid Jn Church his heirs executors administrators or assigns should well and truly pay or cause to be paid or any of them should pay or cause to be paid to the aforesaid Rich Harlakenden his executors administrators or assigns in or at the now dwelling house of the aforesaid Rich usually called Colne Priory situated in the said Earls Colne the sum of 100li in or upon the feast of michaelmas now next following without deceit or further delay and if there is default in payment of the said 100li in the said manner and form altogether or in part that then and afterwards this present concession and seisin thereof should be void and have no force in law to whom the said said Jn present here in court the lord by his said steward granted and delivered the remainder of the said seisin by the rod to have to himself his heirs and assigns forever on the said conditions to hold from the lord by the rod at the will of the lord according to the custom of the said manor by the rents customs and services thereunto belonging and by right accustomed and he made therefore fine and fealty and was admitted upon the said condition tenant etc