Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr78)

3.1.1637 (Tuesday 3 January 1637)

document 38502637

and furthermore at this court it is shown by the homage that Mary Nevill widow who was tenant for herself and her heirs at the will of the lord to one tenement or cottage called Lamberds also Humfreys after the last court and before this court viz 24.6.1636 surrendered into the hands of the lord by the hands of Hen Leffingwell instead of the bailiff in the presence of Jn Reade and Dan Lea two customary tenants of the said manor according to the custom of the said manor the said cottage or tenement and other premises with appurtenances to the use and behoof of Clem Turner of Earls Colne baker and his heirs forever but because the said Clem Turner nor any other in his place did not come to take the said premises from the hands of the lord therefore proclamation was three times made that if the said Clem Turner should come to take the premises and agree with the lord upon a fine that institution should be there from but because none came therefore there is a precept to the bailiff of the said manor to seize the said premises and from the revenue and through the monies thereunto pertaining to make payment to the lord at the next seisin proclamation