Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr79)

16.2.1648 (Wednesday 16 February 1648)

document 38900880

and furthermore it is shown by the homage that the said Sam Game senior after the last court viz 19.3.1647 surrendered into the hands of the lord by the hands of Jn Holden instead of the bailiff and in the presence of Edw Browne and Wm Adams two customary tenants of the said manor testifying all that customary messuage or tenement in which the said Sam now lives with the yard and garden and two parcels of land and certain little groves called Bettensland or another abutting upon the land pertaining to the farm called Procknetts on the southern part and upon the lands of Edw Browne on the western part and the northern part and upon Bettensland Wood to the east and upon a certain part of a meadow or pathway leading from the said messuage towards the church of Earls Colne on the east as the premises are now in the tenure or occupation of the said Sam Game senior and Sam Game junior or their assigns to the use and behoof of the said Sam Game senior for his lifetime and after his decease to the use and behoof of Grace Game his daughter and her heirs forever and it is agreed between the said parties by the assent of the lord that the said Grace and her heirs should pay for the premises annually to the lord of this said manor 4s6d when the premises come into her possession