Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr79)

2.1.1656 (Wednesday 2 January 1656)

document 39200760

at this court it was presented by the homage that Barth Church son and heir of Jn Church the elder deceased and brother and heir of Jn Church the younger deceased who held to him and his heirs one parcel of customary land containing by estimation 18p parcel of a croft of land customary called Warkmans one head abutting upon a garden called Sebbrods towards the east and the other head abutting upon a parcel of land called Sebbrod towards the south and who held to him and his heirs three crofts of land called Warkmans since the last court that is to say upon 18.1.1655 did surrender into the hands of the lord of the said manor by the hands of Barth Micklefeild in place of the bailiff etc and in the presence of Robt Potter and Robt Finch two customary tenants of the said manor the same witnessing etc the said parcel of land and the said three crofts of land with their appurtenances by the name of all those four parcels of land called by the name or names of Sibbreds or Warkmans or by whatsoever other name or names called or known containing by estimation 10a more or less with the appurtenances and lying on the backside of a messuage called Sonnells to the use and behoof of such person and persons as Geo Cressner of Earls Colne gentleman or his heirs shall nominate limit and appoint and until such nomination limitation and appointment to the use of the said Geo Cressner and his heirs which premises the said Barth Church did take to him and his heirs at a court held for the said manor 16.1.1655 and thereupon the said Geo Cressner did come and desired to be admitted tenant to the same to whom the lord of the said manor by his said steward did grant and deliver thereof seisin by the rod to have and to hold the said parcel of land containing 18p more or less and the said three crofts of land and all other premises with their appurtenances to the said Geo Cressner his heirs and assigns of the lord by the rod at the will of the lord according to the custom of the said manor by the rents services and customs for the same severally and respectively due and accustomed and he gave to the lord for a fine