Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr79)

22.4.1669 (Thursday 22 April 1669)

document 39600880

at this court it was shown by the homage that Rich Shillitoe who by copy of court roll bearing the date 3.11.1659 held for himself and his heirs a certain part of a single tenement in which Grace Champney widow lately was living called Cocks lying in Holstreet with the yard and garden pertaining to the said part as it was divided and enclosed by the fence thereof after the last court died thus seised thereof and that Wm Shillitoe is his son and heir to whom the same said Wm by the hands of Giles Crow in the part of his attorney and deputy the lord by the said steward granted and delivered thereof seisin by the rod to have and to hold the said part of the said tenement and the said yard and garden as it was divided with the appurtenances to the said Wm his heirs and assigns forever from the lord by the rod at the will of the lord according to the custom of the said manor by the rents services and customs thereunto belonging and by right accustomed and he gave to the lord his fine