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Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr80)

4.4.1671 (Tuesday 4 April 1671)

document 39700189

and lastly the jurors aforesaid say on their oath that Jn Little gentleman Edw Potter Jn Amy Geo Potter Robt Potter Jas Day Bridget Mathew Wm Davy Jn Bullocke Edw Grant Wm Sillitoe Wm Aylett gentleman Wm Heckford Robt Nicholls Jn Savill gentleman Rich Hatch junior Wm Death Mary Nicholls Wm Gladwin Wm Stebbing Thos Cockerell Edw Browne Wm Greene Jas Linnett Jn Carter and Helen Pudney are tenants of this manor and owe suit at court and this day made default therefore every of them in mercy 3d