Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr81)

26.3.1689 (Tuesday 26 March 1689)

document 40101428

at a court here held 2.4.1662 Jn Garrett was admitted to certain lands and tenements customary called Parkfield and Chewnes with appurtenances and at another court the said Jn surrendered the premises to the use of his will and at the last court it appeared that the said Jn Garrett was dead but none came therefore precept was made etc now at this court came Judith Garrett by Jn Garrett her attorney or deputy and showed the said will dated 20.4.1687 the tenor concerning the premises in the following words item I give unto my kinswoman Judith Garrett daughter of my late brother Abrey Garrett all that my copyhold messuage cottage or tenement lately built and 7a of land more or less called Thredgolds Fenn late parcel of certain lands called Thredgolds and are holden of the manor of Colne Priory and certain copyhold lands called Chewney Land with the appurtenances containing 9a and also certain copyhold lands and tenements called Parkfield and Chewney with the appurtenances held of the manor of Earls Colne and now in the occupation of Xoph Ellis to hold the said messuage land and all other the premises with appurtenances unto the said Judith Garrett and her heirs forever and the said Judith was admitted and gave fine and fealty was respited