Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr81)

31.5.1691 (Sunday 31 May 1691)

document 40200875

Gould and Wallfields at a court held 21.3.1683 Hen Hatch senior was admitted to him and his heirs to one messuage or tenement called Gould alias Gouldgate and five parcels of land by estimation 15a in the occupation of Wm Emerson and at a court held 4.10.1687 it appeared that the said Hen surrendered by the hands of Jn Keable instead of the bailiff in the presence of Robt Potter and Humph Ruggles all and singular his lands etc to the use of his last will now at this court it appeared that the said Hen died after the last court and upon this came Dorothy Hatch widow and showed the will dated 1.11.1690 the tenor concerning the premises in the following words item I give and bequeath all my customary messuage or tenement called Goulds alias Gouldsgate and five parcels of land to the said tenement belonging containing by estimation 15a more or less with their appurtenances lying in Earls Colne unto Dorothy my wife for and during the term of her life and after her decease I give the said tenement and lands with their appurtenances unto my son Jn Hatch and his heirs for ever and the said Dorothy Hatch and Jn Hatch present in court are admitted to have to the said Dorothy for life and after her death to the said Jn and his heirs forever and they gave fine and fealty was respited