Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr81)

27.4.1691 (Monday 27 April 1691)

document 40201040

at a court here held 12.7.1664 Mary Brand after wife of Wm Stebbing was admitted to her and her heirs to 10a of land more or less parcel of Lowfield by hedge and ditch divided from 6a parcel of Lowfield aforesaid now at the last court here held it appeared that Mary Stebbing is dead and that Jn Merrington son and heir of Mary Merrington daughter of the said Mary Stebbing and Ann wife of Jn Nutman another daughter of the said Mary Stebbing are coheirs of the said deceased and they came not therefore proclamation was made etc now at th is court came the said Jn Merrington and petitioned admittance to half etc and he was admitted etc and gave fine and fealty respited