Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr82)

21.3.1700 (Wednesday 21 March 1700)

document 40600207

at a court held 20.3.1684 Abrm Davey was admitted to him and heir to one customary tenement now in three tenements divided called or known by name of Swinesty or otherwise and now in separate occupation of Robt Davey Ann Finch and Ann Hatch now it appears Abrm Davey after last court died seised and that Jas Davey is his brother and next heir and it also appears that said Jas Davey after death of said Abrm and before this court viz 9.12.last past surrendered by the rod into hand of lord by hand of Jn Eldred esq steward the said premises and all his customary lands and tenements of said Jas Davey descended to him after the death of Abrm Davey to the sole use of Geo Toller of Earls Colne gentleman his heirs and assigns forever Geo Toller is present here in court etc admitted etc the premises fealty respited