Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr82)

8.4.1701 (Tuesday 8 April 1701)

document 40600699

at a court held 2.1.1656 Hen Abbutt was admitted to him and his heirs to one messuage and certain customary lands called Le Hayhouse and also to certain lands called Sladesland and also 1a land lying in Longland parcel of tenement called Goldes and at a court held 4.1.1659 Hen Abbutt was admitted to him and his heirs by surrender Edw Stephens to one cottage or tenement with yard garden and appurtenances adjoining and at a court held 19.10.1659 Hen Abbutt was admitted to him and his heirs to one cottage sometime built on waste of manor containing by estimation in length 7rods and breadth 2rods one head abutting onto a parcel of free land of Hen's called Longland to south and lying between parcel free land of Hen Brown's to east near a well and above highway leading from Le Hayhouse to Colne Park against parcel land of said Hen's called Pettcroft and said Hen surrendered said premises to use of last will now to this court appears etc that Hen late died seised and that he himself dictated his last will in writing and by that devised the said premises amongst others to Hen Abbutt his son for life and the remainder as by the will appears then came into court said Hen Abbutt junior and humbly petitions the lord to be admitted to the premises the lord by steward granted delivery of seisin by rod to have and hold the premises with appurtenances to Hen Abbutt for life the remainder after his death according to the will of Hen Abbutt his father of the lord etc gives the lords fine but payment of fine imposed for the admittance of Hen Abbutt his son to whom the premises were devised after the death of said Hen was respited until death of said Hen Abbutt fealty respited