Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr82)

23.4.1705 (Monday 23 April 1705)

document 40701064

and after in this court said Edw Potter and Geo Potter in last performance of the will sold Jn Fletcher and surrendered by rod into hands of lord etc one messuage late built on parcel of waste of this manor containing 14p one time in occupation Jn Pilgrim one head abutting onto highway to south the other head abutting onto cemetery of Earls Colne and also one tenement called Mordens also Crosse End with yards gardens orchards and le pump with le backhouse kilne and kilne house parcel of Joldens except all rights privileges previously surrendered to use of Barth Clarke and also 3r meadow more or less with appurtenances called Noakes and Burroughs and also one parcel of land containing 4a more or less called Burroughs next to said 3r meadow called Noakes and Burroughs and also one croft of land called Little Burroughs etc to use of Jn Fletcher of Earls Colne yeoman for life and after his death to Math Fletcher his son his heirs and assigns forever Jn Fletcher present here in court humbly petitions etc admitted etc premises to Jn Fletcher for life and after his death to use of said Math Fletcher his heirs and assigns gives the lord fine but fine of 10li imposed for admission of said Math is respited until death of said Jn Fletcher