Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr82)

7.6.1708 (Monday 7 June 1708)

document 40800648

at a court held 1689 Mary Pennock widow was admitted to her and heirs to one tenement called Masons situate in Earls Colne now at this court it appears to the homage that said Mary late died seised and that she herself 9.4.1701 surrendered by rod into hand of lord by hand of Sam Burton in place of the bailiff in presence of Robt Potter and Wm Booseby two customary tenants said premises with appurtenances to such uses as would be declared in her last will and thereupon comes now into court Ann now wife of Jn Raven and produced here in court last will of said Mary Pennock dated 3.7.1690 in following english words item I bequeath unto my daughter Ann Pennock all that my tenement or cottage with yards and backsides to the same belonging called or known by the name of Masons or otherwise holden on the manor of Earls Colne by copy of court roll all of which tenement or cottage I give to the said Ann her heirs and assigns forever upon this condition that the said Ann do pay or cause to be paid to my youngest son Wm Pennock when he shall attain the full age of one and twenty years the full and just sum of 3li of lawful money of England petitions etc granted seisin by rod to have and hold premises with appurtenances etc fealty respited