Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr83)

28.4.1713 (Tuesday 28 April 1713)

document 41000884

at a court held 18.11.1690 Thos Aldgates was admitted to him and heirs to parcel of a cottage called Rushefeild to south viz ground for hearth with room on it and with all the yard or garden to it belonging part of a yard to north and half the chimney of the said house to the road leading from Earls Colne to Tey Magna to be divided then in occupation of Robt Hutton now to this court appear to homage that Thos Aldgates after last court died seised and Thos Aldgates is his true son and heir after comes into court said Thos Aldgates son and humbly petitions etc admitted to premises etc he made his fealty etc