Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr83)

28.4.1713 (Tuesday 28 April 1713)

document 41000948

at a court held 13.3.1695 Jn Parish gentleman was admitted to him and his assigns for his life to that land more or less late parcel of a yard pertaining to tenement called Littmans adjoining to a messuage then late Wm Harlakenden esq's and also to another croft of land called Bearcroft or other containing by estimation 4a more or less abutting onto lands then Edw Potter's to the west and onto another close called Bearcroft to the east and lands of Robt Harris and Wm Adams to the north and onto the lane called the backlane to the south and also to a croft of land or pasture parcel of Bearcroft and an orchard lying at the back of the mansion house then late Wm Harlakenden esq's now to this court comes Jn Poulter gentleman by Wm Sparhawke gentleman in role of attorney or deputy and gave the lord information that a commission of bankrupt was awarded against said Jn Parish and that Jn Poulter was agreeable that Clem Spurgin Tim Brice and Roger Scarlin to be assigned commissioners for giving precept for themselves and all creditors of said Jn Parish to purchase the said premises during the life of Jn Parish and that Chas Beer of the Inner Temple London esq Ralph Cole of Sudbury in the county of Suffolk gentleman and Robt Colman of Furnivalls Inn London gentleman and Thos Davis of the city of London gentleman commissioners in the said commission named should direct Clem Spurgin Tim Brice and Roger Scarlin to acquire and then bargain sell and assign to said Jn Poulter all and singular the said premises forever to have and to hold to said Jn Poulter his executors administrators and assigns for and during the life of Jn Parish as by a certain indenture bearing date 10.1.1712 and made between said Chas Beer Ralph Cole and Robt Colman and Thos Davis on the one part and Clem Spurgin Tim Brice and Roger Scarlin on the second part and Jn Poulter on the third part plainly appears and after said Jn Poulter by his attorney humbly petitions etc lords by deputy steward granted delivery of seisin by the rod to have and to hold all and singular the premises with appurtenances etc for the life of Jn Parish etc fealty respited