Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr84)

11.4.1721 (Tuesday 11 April 1721)

document 41400505

at this court it appears to homage that Rich Potter a customary tenant of this manor 5.9.1720 surrendered into hand of lord by rod by hand of Solomon Grimston under steward one parcel land called Dovehouse Field and one other parcel of land called Pond Croft containing by estimation 14a situate in Earls Colne in tenure of Francis Bullard or assigns to use of Jn Franklyn of Earls Colne cleric his heirs and assigns forever under the condition that said Rich Potter his heirs executors or administrators should pay or cause to be paid Jn Franklyn his executors administrators or assigns the full sum of 157li10s of money of Great Britain to wit sum of 3li15s parcel of it 6.3. then next following and 153li15s residue of it on 6.9.1721 and then surrender would be void