Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr84)

6.9.1723 (Friday 6 September 1723)

document 41500604

and immediately after the court sitting comes Rich Stringer clerk in his own person and complains against the said Geo Brooke of the said lands viz of a curtilage and a garden in Earls Colne held of this manor etc and made protestation to prosecute his plaint in form and nature of a writ of our lord the king of entry upon a disseisin in le post at law and found pledges to prosecute his said plaint to wit John Doe and Rich Roe and prays process thereupon to summon said Geo Brooke that he should reply etc and it is granted and immediately after comes said Geo Brooke in his own person freely appears to answer the said Rich Stringer in the said plaint said Rich Stringer demands against said Geo Brooke the said tenement with appurtenances to him as his right and inheritance etc which Geo Brooke has not entry but after the disseisin which Hugo Hunt thereupon unjustly and without judgement made to said Rich Stringer with thirty years last past etc thereupon says he was seised and thereupon brings suit and the said Geo Brooke comes and defends his right and thereupon vouches to warranty said Rich Potter and Eliz his wife who present here in court in their own persons freely warrants to him said tenement with appurtenances etc and defend their right and thereupon vouch warranty Jn Brewster who present here in court freely warrants to them the said tenement with appurtenances etc and after Rich Stringer pleads against said Jn Brewster etc and says that he himself was seised etc in his demesne as of fee etc thereupon he brings suit Jn Brewster defends right says the said Hugo Hunt did not disseise the said Rich Stringer as in form of his plaint and puts himself Rich Stringer craves leave to imparl unto the eighth hour after noon Jn Brewster to be here etc Rich Stringer comes Jn Brewster although solemnly demanded did not come again contempt of court made default proclamation made it is considered by court said Rich Stringer do recover against said Geo Brooke his seisin etc of said tenement with appurtenances that Geo Brooke had of said Rich Potter and Eliz his wife and said Rich and Eliz have lands of said Jn Brewster and said Jn in mercy etc Rich Stringer prays precept etc and after comes said Rich Stringer and Walt Pease baillie etc by virtue of precept etc had caused Rich Stringer to have full seisin the lords of the manor by deputy steward etc by just recovery aforesaid granted Rich Stringer delivery of seisin of said tenement with appurtenances etc but does not give fine for that that recovery is for better assurance until etc and fealty respited