Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr85)

27.9.1740 (Saturday 27 September 1740)

document 42400273

at a court held 21.4.1732 Jn Pratt was admitted for life with remainder to Eliz wife of Wm Clark and Judith Pratt the heirs of Eliz and Judith as tenants in common and not joint heirs to all those lands called Chewny Lands containing by estimation 9a with appurtenances also to all those lands and tenements called Parkfields and Chewnys containing by estimation 12a with all appurtenances who at same court were admitted etc now at this court found by homage that Judith died so seised of one undivided half part of premises and that Eliz Clark is only sister and next heir who being present in court humbly desired of the lord and lady to be admitted tenant to said part of premises etc and is admitted tenant thereof