Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr66)

13.12.1407 (Thursday 13 December 1407)

document 54600438

Walt Joylf appears by Thos Bonyle as his attorney against Wm Leg appeared(inserted) in a plea that he should give to the same said Walt 4s6d for he says that he let to the said Wm one garden to farm from michaelmas.7Hen4 until the end of michaelmas.next which is for two whole years to pay to him annually 2s3d which was not paid and unjustly withheld from him to the loss of Walt himself of 8d etc and the said Wm present in court defends the charge etc and he says that he owes him nothing for the farm of the aforesaid garden as above in no way and for this he wages his law therefore a day is given to the same said Wm until the next to wage his law etc