Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr66)

13.12.1407 (Thursday 13 December 1407)

document 54600420

mercy 3d at this court it is shown upon the oath of Thos Hunte and others above named that Firmin Shropham was unjustly implicated by Robt Mathew in a court of the prior of Colne for a certain lane called Backhouse Lane by speaking against the aforesaid Firmin that the same said lane was within the demesne of the said prior whoever were sworn say upon their oath that the same said lane is within this demesne and not within the demesne of the prior therefore Robt Mathew himself is in mercy and thus the aforesaid Firmin was unjustly implead to his loss by the said jury of a 6d tax which it is presented to levy from the goods and chattels of Robt himself to the use of the said Firmin etc