Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr67)

19.10.1413 (Thursday 19 October 1413)

document 55001149

fine 4d at this court the lord granted and ratified to Thos Hunte of Earls Colne a certain small gateway opening from his close in a field called Lowefeld without causing damage to the lord or his farmers and one parcel of land extending from the pasture of a tenement of Thos Bonyle Roger Mordon and Wm Atte Wode which same said tenement Wm Breton now inhabits in length 70ft in breadth next to the aforesaid pasture 4ft for a space of 18ft in length and for a space thereof in length of another 18ft containing in breadth 3ft upon which same certain parcel now recently Thos Hunte has built the walls of a new bakehouse with two rooms attached to the same said bakehouse with which same certain walls enclosing the bakehouse the said Thos Hunte occupies the aforesaid parcel of land for a space in length of the aforesaid 36ft and from there viz up to the edge of the 70ft containing 2ft6in in width and another certain parcel of land lying between a tenement of Thos Hunte situated next to the church stile on the eastern part and a shop of Rich Gossebolle on the western part in length and breadth of the tenement of the aforesaid Thos Hunte late of Robt Segge and Thos Bonyle and another certain parcel of land lying in Berecroft Lane containing in length 41ft and 24ft in breadth one head upon a garden late of Jn Ketyl and the other head upon the aforesaid Berecroft Lane together with a way extending as far as Berecroft Feld to carry and recarry with horses and carts at whatever reasonable times to drive and redrive for the whole length of Berecroft Lane without damage to the lord to have and to hold the aforesaid parcels of land to the aforesaid Thos his heirs and assigns forever to return thereof annually to the lord per annum for the first parcel of land 1d and for the second parcel of land 1d and for the third parcel of land 4d and for the fourth parcel of land 4d according as effected and let and granted by Matilda de Vere late Countess of Oxford as shown in divers rolls of court and he gave to the lord for a fine for the new confirmation to have as shown in the margin and made fealty etc