Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr67)

26.4.1414 (Thursday 26 April 1414)

document 55100471

fine 3d at this court the lord granted ratified and confirmed to Roger Mordon Wm Atte Wod and Thos Bonyll all their right and estate in one cottage with appurtenances enclosed sometime of Jn Atte Sloo chaplain lying next to the churchyard in the parish of Earls Colne which lately they held by a grant of the late lady Matilda de Veer as shown in a general court held on tuesday in the feast of st lucy the virgin 13.12.9Hen4 and one gateway leading out of the garden of the tenement in which Wm Breton now lives and which sometime was held of Jn Atte Slo chaplain against a lane called Berecroftlane with driving and redriving to fetch and carry with a horse and cart with free entry and exit from the aforesaid tenement by the aforesaid gateway in the field called Bercroft and to water at the lord's pond there without damage done to the lord as shown in a general court on thursday next before the feast of xmas 22.12.14Hen4 to have and to hold to the same said Roger Wm and Thos their heirs and assigns by ancient services and customs and they gave to the lord for a fine and made fealty