Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr67)

23.2.1422 (Monday 23 February 1422)

document 55800642

fine pardoned at this court the lord granted to Jn Soneld one toft and 2r of land adjoining which sometime were Alex Atte Corner's and since Andrew Golds and since Robt Mathewe which fell into the lord's hands for default of payment of 7d1h of yearly rent and the said croft lies between the croft of Thos Kelette of one part and the highway leading from Earls Colne to Halstead and the said 2r of land lies between the land of the prior of Colne of the one part and the said highway to have and to hold the said toft and 2r of land with appurtenances to the said Jn Soneld his heirs and assigns forever yielding yearly to the lord and his heirs and attorneys for the same 6d per annum at the usual terms equally and the said Jn and his attorneys shall lop crop and shrud all the trees growing on the said toft but no trees shall be felled but for the reparation of one house called The Sheepcote built on the said toft and not elsewhere and he give the lord fine and made fealty