Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr67)

23.2.1422 (Monday 23 February 1422)

document 55800677

at this court the lord granted and let to farm to Jn Turnor alias Bonjon one house called The Stewards Chamber with a stable adjoining during the nonage of Jn de Veer son and heir of Rich de Veer late earl of Oxford with free ingress and egress at two gates belonging to the manor of Earls Colne to have and to hold The Stewards Chamber with the stable situate within the manor of Earls Colne with free ingress for his carts and to drive his cattle to the said Jn or his attorneys supporting and maintaining the said house well and sufficiently during the term aforesaid with tiling and dawbing and carpenter work at his own proper costs and the lord and his attorneys shall fine and deliver sufficient timber to repair the said house in groundselling and other things etc and if the said Jn or his attorneys do cut down and fell the said timber to the said house belonging then it shall be lawful for the said Jn or his attorneys to have all the wood called the offal of the cutting and felling of the said timbers for his work and labour