Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr67)

31.8.1422 (Monday 31 August 1422)

document 55900234

fine 20d it is shown by an inquisition that Wm Breton chaplain out of court surrendered into the hands of Jn Turnor bailiff of this manor in the presence of Thos Prince and Jn Bray and other of the lord's tenants one messuage and 12a of customary land which were sometime of Margt wife of Jn Okeman to the use of Jn Bonyl chaplain Roger Bonyll his brother Jn Whrygth of Colford Hill Robt Atte Park to whom the lord now at this court granted thereof seisin to hold to the same said Jn Roger Jn and Robt their heirs and assigns from the lord at the will of the lord by ancient services and customs etc and they gave to the lord for a fine etc and made fealty