Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

13.6.1424 (Tuesday 13 June 1424)

document 56100009

fine 12d at this court Jn Passemer out of court languishing in extremis surrendered into the hands of Jn Turnor bailiff of the manor in the presence of Jn Bray Jn Ascheford and other of the lord's tenants the same testifying and witnessing one cottage with one purpresture adjoining at one head lying between a tenement of Steph Trot on one part and the king's highway on the other part one head abutting upon the said highway and the other upon a garden pertaining to the same said cottage to the use of Jn Mille and Jn Cooke to whom the lord now at this court granted thereof seisin to hold to the same said Jn and Jn their heirs and assigns from the lord at the will of the lord by ancient established services and customs and they gave to the lord for a fine etc and made fealty etc