Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

29.5.1425 (Tuesday 29 May 1425)

document 56100787

fine 2s to this court came Xian Sonyngwell who lately was the wife of Jn Mason and Jn Thurgood and surrendered into the hands of the lord one tenement with garden and curtilage adjoining with their appurtenances called Sonyngwell and one croft of land called The Hethecroft lying between the king's highway leading from Earls Colne towards Halstead to the use of Jn Turnor otherwise Bonjon Thos Kelet and Robt Sebryt upon this condition however that the aforesaid Jn Thos and Robt Sebryt or their attorneys should pay or cause to be paid to the aforesaid Xian and Jn Thurgood or their attorneys 20li sterling viz at the feast of easter next following after the date of this court 10s and at the feast of michaelmas then next following 10s and thus from year to year until the aforesaid sum of 20li should be paid and also they should allow the aforesaid Xian should have her dwelling and accomodation in one house with one lower room lying below the other small capital messuage with one small curtilage adjoining to the said dwelling as let with fencing round whereof the aforesaid dwelling lying next to the king's highway on one part one head abutting upon the great gate and the other head upon the room called the hale spence and the aforesaid lower room lying between the aforesaid hale spence on one part one he ad abutting upon the aforesaid capital messuage with free entry and exit during her life and also the aforesaid Jn Turnor or his attorney should find for the same said Xian sufficient food grain and fuel to keep her in the aforesaid house well and competently and satisfactorily during her lifetime and the aforesaid Jn Turnor or his attorney should sustain and maintain the repairs of all the dwellings situated there without making waste both for the aforesaid dwelling and fencing of the said curtilage and the other dwellings during the term well and competently to whom the lord now at this court granted thereof seisin to the same said Jn Turnor Thos and Robt their heirs and assigns from the lord at the will of the lord by ancient services and customs etc and upon the aforesaid conditions etc and if it should happen that the aforesaid Jn Turnor Thos and Robt or their attorneys should default in the aforesaid payment of 20li sterling or in any singular of the aforesaid payment in part or in whole at any of the aforesaid terms then truly the aforesaid Xian and Jn Thurgood or their attorneys should be allowed by the lord's licence to reenter the aforesaid lands and tenements with their appurtenances and retain them in their former estate notwithstanding this surrender otherwise it should stand in full force and in right etc and they gave to the lord for a fine etc and made fealty etc