Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

1429 (1429)

document 56500418

ordination of a bylaw concerning divers slanders and divers goods and victuals the ordination and agreement of one bylaw made by the agreement of the lord's council and all his tenants viz Rich Skynnere Jn Wrygth Robt Atte Park Jn Payn Jn Panell Wm Sorell Robt Sebryth Roger Deynes Jn Soneld Jn Godson Roger Bremston Jn Lytylman Thos Mors Edm Goldyng Thos Prince Jn Grove Jn Tyllere junior Thos Dyn Rich Prodeman and Wm Goldehawe swear that if any man or woman slander or defames any man or woman in any defamation proved by the recorded testimony and reputation of any of the lord's tenant viz by two or three or more then truly it should be allowed that the aforesaid defamer or slanderer should pay for the fabric of the church of this village 6s8d and to the lord earl of Oxford 6s8d for however many and however many times it can be proved by the above mentioned information at whatever court here held well and faithfully presented etc afterwards it was ordained that if there should be a common confirmer the man or woman proving the information as above mentioned to pay and provide as by the above written instructions and also if there should be any man or woman living within this lord's household making any accusation or complaint within a christian court against any man or woman which is justified within the lord's household then they are to provide in the same said above mentioned form etc and also it is o rdained that if any man or woman sells meat or fish or other necessary victuals upon the lord's demesne or in any principal fee for three or two more hours beyond the seven allowed in winter from the feast of michaelmas until the feast of the annunciation and at the same said feast in summer more than the eight hours allowed until the feast of michaelmas then they should pay and provide in the above mentioned form etc and if any man or woman who profits from or buys the aforesaid goods beyond the aforesaid hours in winter or in summer then they should pay and provide in the same said form etc