Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

11.10.1430 (Wednesday 11 October 1430)

document 56600983

Earls Colne whereas at a court with view here held on the tuesday in pentecost week in 22.5.43Edw3 a day was given to Jn Plevot now Jn Godson (inserted) to make to the lord homage for the lands and tenements which he held in the aforesaid Colne etc item Wm Welleman now Cope (inserted) came and surrendered into the hands of the lord one piece of garden containing in length 5rod and in breadth 50ft lying at Kynges Croft on one part and the other on the road leading from Colne Bregg towards Colchester on the other part and the other piece of garden containing in length 100ft and in breadth 5ft to one head against Kings Croft and 12ft to the head against the other road to the use of Wm Wrygth to whom etc to hold to himself his heirs and assigns by the services and customs etc therefore it is presented to seize into the hands of the lord until etc and to return to the lord of the profits