Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

11.10.1430 (Wednesday 11 October 1430)

document 56604343

Earls Colne heriot Jn Mille and Jn Turnor heriot Roger Mordon heriot Jn Park inquisition Agnes Hunte whereas at a court here held on friday 26.11.35Edw3 it was shown by an inquisition that Jn Atte Berne held now Jn Mille and Jn Turnor hold(inserted) of the lord jointly with Hilary his wife one messuage and 20a of land with appurtenances whereof accrued to the lord as heriot one cow valued at 8s which same said cow was delivered by the same said Hilary etc item Andrew Clerk inquisition(inserted) died holding jointly with Margery his wife now Roger Mordon (inserted) one messuage one cottage and 5a of land sometime of Chesham whereof accrued to the lord as heriot one horse valued at 6s8d and retained by the said Margt for her lifetime etc item Nich Atte Park now of Jn Atte Park (inserted) died holding jointly with Rose his wife certain lands and free tenements whereof accrued to the lord as heriot one ox valued at 10s and retained by the aforesaid wife etc item that Thos Terry inquisition(inserted) held of the lord etc 3r of free land and upon this came Ralph Terry and claimed the aforesaid land in the name of inheritance and was admitted and gave to the lord as a relief 4d etc item inquisition(inserted) Jn Wrygth and Matilda his wife she solely examined came and remitted and released all their rights and claims in one croft containing 3a of land with hedges and ditches lying next to Heyneslond to the use of illegible text their son to hold to the same by the services and customs etc item Jn Turnor Agnes Hunt (inserted) surrendered into the hands of the lord one croft of enclosed land containi ng 5r of land with appurtenances lying next to lands of Wm Burdevyll and the lord being seized granted the aforesaid croft of land with appurtenances to the aforesaid Jn and Felicity his wife by the services and customs etc