Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

11.10.1430 (Wednesday 11 October 1430)

document 56605245

Earls Colne inquisition Jn Bovyll whereas at a court here held on the saturday the day after the purification of the blessed mary 3.2.21Edw3 Jn Fuller came and by the lord's licence let to Jn Hykeman one croft of land containing 3a of land adjoining land of Roger Sleyter for a term of two years etc item inquisition(inserted) Jn Atte Nook and Isabel his wife came and by the lord's licence let to Robt Barbor and Xian his wife two parts of one croft called Middelfeld and a third part to Alice Nook to hold as her widow's dower for a term of twenty years etc item Roger Sleyghter now Jn Bovyll chaplain(inserted) came and took one plot of land in the king's highway next to the cemetery and his own tenement con taining in length 30ft and in breadth to the east head 9ft as divided by the metes and bounds by the service of 2d etc