Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

12.11.1431 (Monday 12 November 1431)

document 56801114

rent apportionment to this court came Joan Bray and showed a certain deed by which she purchased one marsh lying in the aforesaid Colne from the aforesaid Jn Payn parcel of the lands and tenements sometime of Jn Werkeman in the aforesaid Colne lying between the king's highway leading towards the lord's park and the marsh of a tenement called The Heyhous on the other part one head abutting upon a garden of the said tenement called The Heyhous and the other upon the lord's pasture which Jn Hyne held to farm to hold to herself and her heirs forever which was given at the aforesaid Colne on the tuesday in pentecost week 17.5.7Hen6 and she made fealty etc and it was requested that the aforesaid Joan Bray should be apportioned at a quarter of the rent of the aforesaid tenement called Werkemannes and upon this by licence of the lord the aforesaid marsh at a payment to the lord assessed at 8d sterling and which said 8d the said Jn Payn and his heirs after him ought to pay etc