Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr68)

26.5.1450 (Tuesday 26 May 1450)

document 57600376

fine 5s at this court came Jn Smythe Robt Smythe and Ralph Audeley present in court and surrendered into the lord's hands one tenement with appurtenances sometime Robt Stevin's in Colne to the use of Jn Clerk Wm Boome and Jeff Tiler their heirs and assigns to whom the lord by the steward granted seisin thereof to hold to him (sic) his heirs and assigns etc and he (sic) gave the lord fine etc and made fealty the condition of the seisin followeth in these words that the said Jn Clerke Wm Boome and Jeff Tyler their heirs and assigns pay or cause to be paid to the said Jn Smythe his heirs or executors or their (sic) certain attorney at Colne seventy five quarters with 4bush of barley of the measure of the bushel of the bailiff well winnowed and made clean and delivered at the feast of st hilary now next following the date of this court twelve quarters and 4bush and in the feast of st hilary then next following ten quarters of the same measure and so from year to year at every feast abovesaid ten quarters of the measure aforesaid until seventy five quarters with 4bush be fully yielded and paid and if there be default in the said feasts before limited in any year either in part or in whole in any parcel of the said grain of barley to be behind at any feast by fifteen days that then it shall be lawful to the said Jn Smyth Robt Smyth and Ralph Audeley by the licence of the court to the said tenement called Stevens with appurtenances to reenter and the same to retain and have against enjoy and possess to himself and his heirs etc as in the former estate this surrender and seisin thereof had and delivered notwithstanding and wholly to expel and remove from thence the said Jn Clerke Wm Boome and Jeff Tyler their heirs and assigns and on this condition the seisin was delivered in the form abovesaid and not otherwise