Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

15.5.1451 (Saturday 15 May 1451)

document 57700298

fine 2s condition Ellen late wife of Rich Wright in her pure widowhood and Thos Prynce present in court surrendered into the hands of the lord one cottage with curtilage with appurtenances called Snowes lying upon The Hethe next to The Mellmont etc to the use of Thos Woode and Joan his wife their heirs and assigns to whom seisin was delivered thereof by the steward to hold to themselves their heirs and assigns by the rod at the will of the lord by the services and customs owed according to the custom of the manor etc saving the right etc upon this condition that the aforesaid Thos Woode and his wife their heirs or assigns should pay or cause to be paid to Jeff Tyllere of the aforesaid Colne 16s8d in the following form viz at the feast of the nativity of st john baptist next following after the date of this court 3s4d and at the feast of michaelmas then next following 3s4d and thus at each of the aforesaid feasts 3s4d until the said sum of 16s8d should be fully paid etc and if there should be default in any of the payments of the aforesaid payment at any of the aforesaid feasts etc that then it should be allowed to the aforesaid Ellen and Thos Prince by licence of the court to reenter into the said cottage with curtilage and its appurtenances and to retain them on behalf of themselves their heirs and assigns to keep possess and enjoy as in their former estate this surrender and seisin thereof had and delivered in any form notwithstanding which said Thos and Joan their heirs and assigns should be totally expelled and upon this condition seisin was delivered in the aforesaid form and they gave to the lord for a fine etc and made fealty etc