Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr68)

7.6.1457 (Tuesday 7 June 1457)

document 58200223

fine 8s at this court it was found by the homage that Rich Skinner lying very sick being out of court surrendered into the hands of Ralph Audeley the lord's bailiff in the presence of Jn Turnor and other the lord's tenants then there being according to the custom of the manor one messuage with the appurtenances in Colne sometime Jn Malldon's and after Jn Nightingale and Wm Sorrell and after Thos Kelet and Robt Segge Wm Omund chaplain and Jn Hyne Jn Wright and Robt Parke as it lieth between the messuage sometime Xian Sonningwell's of the one part and the messuage of Wm Gentrie of the other part one head abuts on the highway leading from Colne to Colchester with one parcel of land sometime in the hands of Jn Maldon lying in Bearecroft Lane containing 32ft in length and in breadth at one head 12ft and at the other 8ft and with one croft of land lying near the croft sometime Jn Besowthe and with another croft of land lying near Sandelgate with appurtenances to the use of Alice Skinner Thos Moordon Wm Hawke and Jn Tredgold painter and their heirs and assigns yielding and paying to the lord and his successors by year for the parcel of land in Berecroft Lane 3d at the usual terms of the manor to whom there is seisin thereof delivered by the steward to have and to hold to the foresaid Alice Thos Wm and Jn their heirs and assigns forever by the rod to the will of the lord etc saving the rights etc and they give for fine etc and made fealty etc