Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

15.5.1459 (Tuesday 15 May 1459)

document 58400264

fine 3s4d pond to the same said court came Jn Smyth (sic) son of Jn Smyth of Colne Engaine present in court and surrendered etc one messuage with garden adjoining in the aforesaid Colne sometime of Jn Atte Sloo as it lies next to the cemetery there with a certain gateway leading from the common way to lead and drive and carry and recarry by the lane called Bercroftlane as far as Bercroft and also to water his animals at convenient times to the use of Jn Bruse of Teppisfeld Thos Raylegh and Wm Mortyn of the same to whom by the steward is delivered thereof seisin to have and to hold to the aforesaid Jn Thos and Wm their heirs and assigns forever by the rod at etc saving the right etc upon the following condition that if the aforesaid Jn Thos and Wm pay etc to the aforesaid Robt Smyth (sic) at the feast of michaelmas.next following after the date of this court 40s and at the feast of easter then next following 13s4d and at the feast of michaelmas next 13s4d in equal portions and thus it should be paid annually at the aforesaid feasts until the sum of 15marks should be fully paid etc and if there should be default etc that then etc and upon this they gave for a fine etc and made fealty etc