Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr70)

17.5.1486 (Wednesday 17 May 1486)

document 59400685

fine 20d at this court it is presented that Kath late the wife of Jn Brewse Thos Moore of Mount Bures and Robt Smyth surrendered into the lord's hands a messuage builded with a garden adjoining in Earls Colne sometime Jn Atte Sloo's as it lieth between the churchyard there and the way and a certain gate of the lord into Berescroft leading from the common way to drive chase carry and recarry by the way called Beerecroftlane even to the croft called Berecroft and to water his cattle at the lord's pond there at fit and necessary time so often as it shall be needful to the use of Joan Swayne widow Ann her daughter and Jn Boteler and their heirs on the condition following that if the aforesaid Joan or her assigns pay or cause to be paid unto the said Thos Moor and Jn Lingwood 20s at the feast of michaelmas.next following and so from year at every feast of michaelmas 20s unto the sum of 9li unto the foresaid Thos and Jn be fully satisfied and if there be default in any payment of the payments aforesaid in part or in whole that then it shall be lawful to the foresaid Thos and Jn into the foresaid messuage with the garden to reenter and the same to possess in the former estate and the said Joan Ann and Jn Boteler from thence wholly to expel and remove to whom there is seisin thereof delivered to hold to them their heirs and assigns by the rod to the will of the lord by the services therefore due and of right accustomed and they give the lord for fine 20d and made fealty and so they are admitted tenants