Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr70)

25.5.1507 (Tuesday 25 May 1507)

document 60300319

and they present that the tenants of Alice Sprigge have 20rods of ditch not scoured in the highway under Bromecrofts in the hands of Robt Bieston the landholders of Brokhous Garden 20rods under the said lands the landholders of Heyhouse 12rods under Heyhous Mede the landholders of the said Heyhous 4rods under the aldercar called Heyhous Fen the landholders of Brokefeld otherwise Butlers 4rods under the said Brokefield the landholders of Pichard 12rods under Pichards Field the landholders of Milles 30rods under Milles Fen from Sandillgate toward the said Milles the landholders of Cruddes 20rods from the said Cruddes toward Pettefield the landholders of the said Heyhous 20rods under Pettefield the landholders of Hayhous 12rods under Langland the landholders of Hayhous 20rods in the highway leading from Sladelond toward the land of Simon Lingwood called Longestrake and the landholders of Parkefield in the hands of Isabel Tidder 30rods of ditch likewise not scoured in the highway leading to the Park Gate to the hurt of the king's liege people therefore charge given to warn them to repair and sufficiently scour the said ditches before the next court with the view of freepledge under pain of every rod 1d