Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr71)

17.5.1513 (Tuesday 17 May 1513)

document 60700221

Wallers fine 4d at this court it is found by the homage that Thos Lavenham otherwise called Butler son and heir of Thos Lavenham deceased out of court and since the last court by the hands of Jn Sparrowe and Jn Tillwicke tenants of this manor the same witnessing according to the custom of the manor and remised released and forever from him and his heirs quitclaimed to Roger Moorecok and Isabel his wife in their full and peaceable possession and seisin being all the right estate title and interest claim and demand which he now hath had or hereafter may have of and in one tenement customary with the appurtenances set and lying near Tollehouse Greene called Wallers and of and in one parcel of land customary with the appurtenances to the same tenement adjoining containing in length 3rods and a half and in breadth 2rods2ft as by the meets and bounds etc viz so that neither he Thos Lavenham nor his heirs nor any in his name may ought or shall hereafter of certainty claim or challenge any right title claim interest or demand in the premises but are clean debarred from all acts of right title claim interest and demand of and in the premises forever and the foresaid Roger Moorecock and Isabel his wife give fine for such release thereof to be had as appeareth in the head and made fealty