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Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr71)

6.6.1525 (Tuesday 6 June 1525)

document 61900277

Gooldsgate Bermans and Rounces X Curds and Stacies X16s8d to this court came Thos Audeley gentleman and Thos Hunte which held jointly together with Christian the wife of the foresaid Thos Audeley and Jn Estaie yet living to them and their heirs of the lord as of this manor by the rod etc one tenement one tenement (sic twice) with the appurtenances called Gooldgate and one croft of land with the appurtenances called Bermans and two crofts of land with the appurtenances called Rownces and the other     and a piece of land called Pellesland lying in Bermansfield and also the foresaid Thos Christian Thos and Jn Estaie held jointly to them and their heirs of the lord as of this manor by the rod two customary tenements whereof one is called Curds and contains by estimation by estimation (sic twice) 30a of land and 5a3r of meadow sometime in the tenure of Jn Quixley and the other called Staces otherwise called John Adams and contains by estimation 16a of land with 1a2r of meadow lying under Colne Park aforesaid with all and singular the appurtenances and likewise held jointly etc one tenement with certain customary lands called Heyhouse and 1a of customary land with the appurtenances containing 1a or more etc lying in Longland sometime parcel of the tenement called Cowleys alias Golds late Jeff Audeleys deceased the foresaid Thos Audeley and Thos Hunte in the full court remised released and forever from them and their heirs quitclaimed to the foresaid Jn Estaie and his heirs in their full and peaceable possession being all their right title claim interest and demand whichever they had have or by any means hereafter may have of and in the all the foresaid lands and tenements meadows and other the premises with all and singular the appurtenances viz so that neither the foresaid Thos Auddeley nor Thos Hunt nor their heirs nor any other for them in their name may or ought to claim or c hallenge any right title claim or demand of and in the premises or any parcel thereof but be fully barred from all title or action of right forever by their presents and the foresaid Jn Estaie giveth fine for enrolling this release as appears