Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr73)

8.6.1557 (Tuesday 8 June 1557)

document 65100237

to this court came Lewis Jegon and by the lord's licence granted to Joan Allen widow a certain annuity or yearly rent of 18d of good and usual money of England yearly issuing of and in one piece of land containing by estimation 1a of land or more etc late parcel of the croft of land called Barcrofte as it lieth in Colne aforesaid as by the metes and bounds etc to have hold during enjoy etc the said yearly rent or annuity of 18d to the foresaid Joan and her assigns during the whole term of her life at two usual terms of the year viz at the feast of michaelmas and annunciation to be paid by even portions and if it happen the said annuity or yearly rent of 18d to be behind in part or in whole by eight days after any of the feasts aforesaid in which it ought to be paid then it shall be lawful to the foresaid Joan and her assigns into the foresaid piece of land with the appurtenances and every parcel thereof to enter and distrain and the distress there so taken lawfully to lead drive and carry away and with her to distrain until the said annuity or yearly rent of 18d and every parcel thereof then so behind being with the costs and damages by that occasion had be to the foresaid Joan fully paid and satisfied