Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr73)

31.5.1558 (Tuesday 31 May 1558)

document 65200488

a release of Mordens Xto this court came Joan Estaie widow and surrendered remised released and always for her and her heirs quitclaimed to Greg Garrard and his heirs in their full and peaceable possession being all her right title estate claim and demand whichever she had hath or by any means hereafter might have or her heirs might have of and in one tenement and garden sometime two tenements called Mordens and Tollehousegreene lying in Colne aforesaid which she claimeth to have in the name of her dowry by and after the death of the foresaid Jn Estay her husband deceased viz so that neither she the foresaid Joan nor her heirs nor any other for them or in their name might or ought to hereafter to claim challenge or exact any right title claim interest or demand of or in the foresaid tenement and other the premises wit the appurtenances but are clean abarred from all action of right forever by these presents and the foresaid Joan giveth fine for enrolling this release as appears