Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91)

18.9.1589 (Thursday 18 September 1589)

document 66701260

to this court came Jn Parker in his own proper person and showed to this court a certain copy made him at the court with the leet held 3Eliz1 by which he claimeth to hold to him and his heirs of the surrender of Greg Garrard a tenement called Mourdens sometime Hen Layer's deceased and the moiety of a parcel of land called Tollehousegreene then builden containing in length 6rod and in length 12rod by fealty suit of court and rent of 3s by the year and by another copy thereof made at the court here holden the 27Hen8 it appeareth that the same Hen had the same tenement of the surrender of Jn Estey