Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91)

18.9.1589 (Thursday 18 September 1589)

document 66701515

Eliz Smithe widow at the court with the leet of 29Eliz1 took to her by copy of court roll for term of her life to remain after her death to one Thos Smithe and his heirs by the surrender of one Thos Smithe late of White Colne late the husband of the said Eliz one customary messuage with a curtilage adjoining called Sebrights with appurtenances in Colne aforesaid holden by fealty suit of court and the rent of     by the year and the same Thos Smithe the son is not yet admitted to his remainder aforesaid neither hath made fine with the lord for his entry thereon and the same Eliz being now required came in her own proper person and acknowledges herself to be the lord's tenant thereof in form aforesaid